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Episode 14: Marshal Gillen

Marshal Gillen is a Transformational Storyteller Speaker and Lifestyle Entrepreneur who has been featured on FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC, The CW, iHeart Media, and iTunes.

Episode 13: Ramon Gonzalez

This is going to be a special episode today that you don't want to miss. Our guest today is
Ramon Gonzalez. Instead of him asking us questions, he will be the one sharing

Episode 12: Michael Warren

Eric Nghiem A.K.A. The Cashflow Doctor has been a tax practitioner since 2009. He focuses on looking at tax matters in a forward thinking perspective, not as a mere historian like most tax professionals. While most tax professionals are like general practice physicians. Eric is a Tax Surgeon.

Episode 11: Austin Rutherford

Austin Rutherford started investing in real estate when he was 19. He bought a rental property and then started flipping houses a year later. Now 5 years in to the business, he has bought over 90 deals, borrowed over

Episode 10: Ed and Michael Sajeski

Michael Sajeski is the owner of "Benchmark Improvements, LLC" and works alongside with his father, Ed Sajeski. In order to upscale their business, their question today for us is how to start direct mail.

Episode 09: Suzanne Griffith

Suzanne Griffiths is not only an amazing mom but a full-time real estate investor as well as a real estate agent. Suzanne and her husband, Gary Griffiths, both invest in real estate together and also wholesales.

Episode 08: Linda Pederson

Linda Pederson is one of the speakers for "FortuneBuilders" and the founder of "Homes For The Win" with a vision to help homeowners find a solution who are facing difficult situations. Her question for us today is

Episode 07: Amanda Holbrook

Amanda Holbrook is a real estate investor who also specializes in IRA. She invests with her Husband, Jared Holbrook, by using the "BRRRR Strategy" but the two of them didn't stop there, they both co-founded

Episode 06: Dustin Faeth

Dustin Faeth is the founder of "DF Premier Homes" and provide real estate services for homeowners who are going through a difficult time in their lives. His question for us today is how to hire the right employees?

Episode 05: Oscar Gomez

Oscar Gomez is transitioning from his real estate business to new construction. His question for us today is how to successfully do so? In this episode, you will learn the logistics as well as the do's and don'ts

Episode 4: Jose Arechiga Brambila

Jose Arechiga Brambila co-founded "Dynamic Real Estate Innovations" with his business partner, Jeffrey Stump. Their mission is to help homeowners find a solution during a life hardship. His question for us

Episode 03: Bret Beaman

Bret Beaman founded "Triangle Homes and Rehab, Inc." where he offers real estate services that include: Residential Redevelopment, Real Estate Investment, Foreclosure Solutions, and Residential Rentals.

Episode 2: Hope Haynes

Hope Haynes is the founder of "HRS Property Group" where she buys distressed homes to rehab and resale, including Foreclosures and Short Sales. Her question for us today is should she hire an acquisition in order

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