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The TAB Story

TAB Retreat is a one of kind unique event for real estate investors unlike any other you’ve been to.

Our founders have been to thousands of networking events, conferences, masterminds and more. The one thing that they found to be true time and time again was the best ideas, the one’s that truly move the business forward came from the people they networked with.

So an idea was born. What if there was an event where networking was put first. But not just an event like you normally would attend. Something for 3 days and little to networking opportunities.

What if the event were a full week long, at an all inclusive luxury resort with activities, times and dedicated networking.

What if the event ALSO brought in speakers not just there to sell you more products but were there to move the needle forward in your business. Teaching you how to next level your skills, close more deals, and ultimately get you to your dream faster.

So they built it!

They combined all of these things into one amazing event and it’s been one of people’s favorite events to attend!

Here’s what you can expect. You’re going to be in a luxury all inclusive resort. This way you don’t need to even think about anything, you can just focus on building relationships, finding the people that are going to help you grow, and more importantly have a good time while doing it.

You’re trip will include everything but flights for 2 people.

The founders are going to bring amazing content from speakers you haven’t heard of before.

The speakers don’t just disappear behind curtains when they’re done, they are hanging out with you pool & ocean side for the ENTIRE WEEK!

In fact, if you come and you don’t feel like you’ve learned something that is going to make you more money than you invested to come. We’ll make it right no matter what.

Oh… and did you know that because this is an educational event, it’s a 100% tax write off! That’s right! Not only do you get all of this, you get to write it off in the business to!

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