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What is TAB Retreat?

TAB Retreat stands for “The Absolute Best Retreat”. TAB was created in 2017 by a
thought of “what would it look like if we could get hundreds of real estate investors from all over the country and Canada to a remote all-inclusive beautiful resort in the Caribbean.”

Terry Thayer spends tens of thousands of dollars each year on personal development
that include different masterminds, coaches, and meet-ups. Although he loves what he gets from these experiences, what he loves even more is what happens outside of the classroom. After being in class all day, the attendees usually meet for dinner and drinks. For Terry, this is where he always found the most value. This is where “the magic really happens”. This is where people loosen up and talk much more freely about their strategies; when they are one on one or in smaller groups. They get to know each other and build relationships and trust. He has seen joint ventures created, partnerships and lifelong relationships formed, as well as good mentorships happen at this time.

With all of this said, he decided to reverse how a typical mastermind is run and create
“The Absolute Best Retreat”. The way it looks is, it is very informal and unstructured in
comparison to a typical mastermind. The day will start off with 1-2 speakers, lasting about four hours. Then, everyone will vacation during the day, network, socialize, hang out at the pool or beach, drink some cocktails, eat together and go on excursions together. Since we’re at a gorgeous resort with beautiful weather, it doesn’t matter if you come in your bathing suit, shorts or a 3-piece suit. You go in whatever you are comfortable in. Then we organize a big group excursion. An example of this would be to rent out some huge Catamarans or a yacht for the day and go out, playing music, drinking, snorkeling, spinnaker and lunch.

Sponsors? We have those, too. An example of this is an insurance company that saves
the average investor thousands of dollars per year with better coverage then they are used to having for their real estate business. 
Our first event was in October of 2017 when, with just a few posted messages on a couple personal Facebook pages, nearly 60 investors gathered at this event. Today, this event brings hundreds of investors together and is growing. Terry wasn’t sure if he would personally get anything from this event, but boy was he wrong. He has been able to excel in his own businesses, develop strong relationships and partner up on deals with others (Yes, this has happened!) The true excitement is when someone reaches out to you and tells you how much they have personally grown and their business has thrived from this event. This is what it’s all about.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, commit to your personal
growth, take the leap to go on this journey and not only change your life, but change others too. There are so many that have said that they haven’t taken a vacation in years and this was much better than imagined. We hope to see you at the next TAB Retreat event. Don’t use the excuse that you’ll go to the next one and not this one because you’re not ready. There are people that come that have never done a deal and others that have done hundreds of deals. The only right time is now!

Terry Thayer

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