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About The Event

The TAB Story

TAB Retreat is a one of kind unique event for real estate investors unlike any other you’ve been to.

Our founders have been to thousands of networking events, conferences, masterminds and more. The one thing that they found to be true time and time again was the best ideas, the one’s that truly move the business forward came from the people they networked with.

So an idea was born. What if there was an event where networking was put first. But not just an event like you normally would attend. Something for 3 days and little to networking opportunities.

What if the event were a full week long, at an all inclusive luxury resort with activities, times and dedicated networking.

What if the event ALSO brought in speakers not just there to sell you more products but were there to move the needle forward in your business. Teaching you how to next level your skills, close more deals, and ultimately get you to your dream faster.

So they built it!

They combined all of these things into one amazing event and it’s been one of people’s favorite events to attend!

Here’s what you can expect. You’re going to be in a luxury all inclusive resort. This way you don’t need to even think about anything, you can just focus on building relationships, finding the people that are going to help you grow, and more importantly have a good time while doing it.

You’re trip will include everything but flights for 2 people.

The founders are going to bring amazing content from speakers you haven’t heard of before.

The speakers don’t just disappear behind curtains when they’re done, they are hanging out with you pool & ocean side for the ENTIRE WEEK!

In fact, if you come and you don’t feel like you’ve learned something that is going to make you more money than you invested to come. We’ll make it right no matter what.

Oh… and did you know that because this is an educational event, it’s a 100% tax write off! That’s right! Not only do you get all of this, you get to write it off in the business to!

Want to talk to our team? GREAT! We’ll be happy to answer any questions at a

The Founders

Terry Thayer

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Terry Thayer is a dedicated husband, father, and an award-winning home builder. After starting his working life as a carpenter and contractor, he began investing in real estate in 2002. Together with his wife, Kristi, they have now successfully built and sold more than 250 homes in the Raleigh-Durham triangle boasting over $100M + in total sales volume.

“I am very passionate about real estate investing because it’s created a wonderful lifestyle for my family and I. It’s also allowed me to help many other people reach dreams they never thought were possible. For that, I am very grateful.” – Terry Thayer

The husband and wife team founded Thayer Homes in 2010 with the commitment to improve lives through real estate. In 2017, this mission took new meaning when Terry and the team worked with Habitat for Humanity to build and donate a new home. In the same year, Terry was awarded the “Rookie of The Year” award by the Durham, Orange, Chatham county Home Builders Association.

“Terry’s contributions and commitment to the HBA won him the award.” – Tony Lawhorn, VP of Construction at Thayer Homes Terry’s sights are even higher, including new large developments, nonprofit partnerships, and becoming a nationally recognized home builder. In 2018 Thayer Homes has a goal of building 130 homes exceeding $50M in total volume. Terry is a true example of how to grow and scale a business at a rapid pace. When he’s not working at this goal, Terry is extremely passionate about helping others achieve success through real estate and traveling with his wife and 2 children.

Anthony Moore

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Anthony Moore started his real estate career in 2004 cutting his teeth selling land across the country and into the Bahamas. His first year in the business he sold over 30 Million Dollars in Real Estate. The first 6 months were spent cold calling 100 or more clients day booking tour after tour…But soon he was asked to join the largest privately owned real estate developer in the country. Once on board as a full-time sales agent, he absolutely crushed the competition. In less than 2 years, Mr. Moore’s real estate career exploded achieving the Rising Star Award as well as the circle of excellence award in his field for selling over $30 million in real estate in a single year. Anthony was a part of a 20-man team that broke national records in sales volume in one day. In a small town in Columbia South Carolina, Anthony and the team sold over 780 honesties totaling more than $180 million dollars real estate sales on that day. This small team did it again in Boone North Carolina selling an astounding 154 Million dollars in undeveloped land just as the real estate market started to crash in 2007. He’s worked with international clients, professional baseball players, and was used as in a national sales training video for land developers as the “undercover agent”.

The experience I received from selling raw land has been the most valuable experience in my life. When you don’t have a tangible product to showcase it forces you to use your imagination with the client you’re with to build their dream. When you learn how to take someone from concept to creation through a set of stories it becomes the most powerful thing on earth you can ever learn.

After 3 short years dominating the land development arena Anthony joined forces with his long-time friend to form Pike Properties and Pike Realty in Charlotte, North Carolina. The two set out to start a flipping business that did just a handful of transactions the first year but exploded thereafter. Today the firm has completed over 350 transactions and has an average ROI of 26.44%. Pike Properties primary focus is now in the spec home building arena with an average price range of $800-1.4M.

Anthony is often referred to as “Professor Moore” in the industry. He’s is a certified online distance educator (Arello) and has had the privilege of hosting over 500 hours of live virtual trainings in real estate. He’s been a keynote speaker for various coaching platforms, a ghost writer for 2 bestselling books, and has been the featured expert for many publications.Professor Moore is a self-proclaimed self-help junkie. Many of his passions outside of real estate include learning about the mind and metaphysics. As a Certified NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Personal Trainer he strives to be the best version of himself he can possibly be.

One of the greatest gifts in life is the ability to learn something new. When I learn something that excites me I simply can’t stop the thought and want to immediately learn it to its fullest and implement it. It’s a follow your gut approach that has never failed me and keeps me ALIVE inside! That same passion is carried through with everyone I coach. There’s always been a sincere burning desire in me to help individuals be more than they ever imagined. The hope is that I can help as many people as I can break the defeating patterns, reframe their life with endless possibilities, and help them jump into the life they were meant for.

~May the Best of our Past be the Worst of our Future
Anthony “The Professor” Moore

Bob McIntosh

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Bob McIntosh is a number 1 Amazon bestselling author who turned his computer hacking job of the past into internet marketing success for his real estate business as well as several other businesses. If you google any real estate investor related terms in the Buffalo market you’re likely to find his websites at the top of Google, in fact sometimes he controls the top 3 or more listings. Not only has he spent years mastering the algorithm that Google uses to get sites ranked. He is also a social media guru, with nearly 40,000 people following his posts online. The craziest part is that none of this existed just 6 short years ago when he started.

After struggling with some setbacks due to mindset issues Bob had a business epiphany when he saw the phrase “Done is Better Than Perfect” and it caused him to sharply change the direction of his business and has catapulted him to the success he has now. His first information product launch reached 5 figures in sales in less than 2 months. His book hit Number 1 on the day it launched in multiple categories and hit number 2, 3 and 4 in dozens of other categories. He has been featured on over 30 podcasts and counting, is a founding member of the Forbes Real Estate Council providing direction and information in the real estate space for all of Forbes readers. He has been published on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Yahoo News, Small Business trendsetters, The Money Show, The Miami Herald and Wall street select.

Bob has taken his passion for helping entrepreneurs to the road with over 2,500 hours on stages and more than 7,000 people he’s spoken to from every state in the US and every province in Canada. He’s been personally responsible for helping entrepreneurs generate hundreds of thousands of leads online, close tens of thousands of deals because of their social proof, generate millions in profits, and make the massive mindset shifts that are needed for these levels of success with his inspirational book. Lastly and most proudly he has made all of his businesses for purpose companies with the choice to help the youth of the US get access to financial and entrepreneurial training that schools simply don’t teach anymore.

7 Day All Inclusive Mastermind And Retreat

Expert Training

Four out of the seven days we will be in the conference space doing training with our speakers for four hours. We'll also be facilitating master minds and breakout sessions with industry experts.

Your Room

A standard king or two queens beautiful room at the Moon Palace for 7 nights

Your Food

Eat at one of the amazing restaurants located right inside the resort, or the staff will deliver to you (poolside, room side, pretty much anywhere)!!

Service Provider Discounts

Get direct access to unique service providers at discounted rates (i.e. hard money starting at 7.5%, insurance, accounting, self-directed IRA, web design and more!)

VIP Transportation

Get VIP transportation to and from the airport so you don’t have to haggle with a cabbie or worry about where you’re going!

Your Drinks

All you can drink beer, liquor or wine! Get the networking lubrication going!

An Excursion

On Monday we will be going on a catamaran where the entire group will head somewhere amazing to go snorkeling, enjoy some drinks on the ocean, and do some networking! What happens on the tour… well it ends up on Facebook and your business of course!

Resort Credits

$1,500 in resort credit (can be used for spa treatments, rounds of golf, tours, wine tastings, special dinners and other above-the-ordinary experiences)

Video Recordings

Get a video recording of every expert’s training from the retreat!


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