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TAB 5.0 September 11-18, 2021








Our Event is 80% Networking & 20% Prepared content

Get out of the boardroom & into your board shorts, grow as an investor & have some fun!

About The Event


One of the most important things about this event is the development of a community unlike anything else. As entrepreneurs all to often we find ourselves outpacing our current community and not sure where to find a new one that matches our enthusiasm for building our dreams. Everyone at TAB Retreat is up to big things or soon will be in their business and have them as part of your circle of friends will help you 10x your life, business, and fun!

Unparalleled Knowledge

The founder’s commitment to you is to always be bringing THE ABSOLUTE BEST speakers, trainers, and minds for business to you at every event. We collectively spend ten’s of thousands of dollars on other masterminds to build our business so we can help you build yours. Prepared content every day, hot seats designed to help you solve the biggest hurdles in your business, hours of open networking to really get to know everyone… it’s unreal!

A Great Time

In addition to the community and knowledge you’re going to have an amazing time, at a luxury resort, with great people, who want to help you get the most out of your business. For one price you’re getting your room, all of your food at over 30 restaurants, all of your drinks with more than 60 bars, $1,500 in resort credits for use at the spa, golf course and many other places, access to over 30 pools, and so much more.

7 Day All Inclusive Mastermind And Retreat

Expert Training

Four out of the seven days we will be in the conference space doing training with our speakers for four hours. We'll also be facilitating master minds and breakout sessions with industry experts.

Your Room

A standard king or two queens beautiful room at the Moon Palace for 7 nights

Your Food

Eat at one of the amazing restaurants located right inside the resort, or the staff will deliver to you (poolside, room side, pretty much anywhere)!!

Service Provider Discounts

Get direct access to unique service providers at discounted rates (i.e. hard money starting at 7.5%, insurance, accounting, self-directed IRA, web design and more!)

VIP Transportation

Get VIP transportation to and from the airport so you don’t have to haggle with a cabbie or worry about where you’re going!

Your Drinks

All you can drink beer, liquor or wine! Get the networking lubrication going!

An Excursion

On Monday we will be going on a catamaran where the entire group will head somewhere amazing to go snorkeling, enjoy some drinks on the ocean, and do some networking! What happens on the tour… well it ends up on Facebook and your business of course!

Resort Credits

$1,500 in resort credit (can be used for spa treatments, rounds of golf, tours, wine tastings, special dinners and other above-the-ordinary experiences)

Video Recordings

Get a video recording of every expert’s training from the retreat!

The TAB Story

TAB Retreat is a one-of-a-kind event for real estate investors unlike any other that you’ve been to.

Founder, Terry Thayer, has been to hundreds of networking events, conferences, masterminds, and more. The one thing that he has found to be true was that the best ideas that truly move the business forward came from the people he networked with.
So an idea was born. He thought…What if there was an event where networking was the main component? He remembered that most events that he attended for 3 days included mostly presenting, and little to no networking opportunities.

So why not have the event be one week long, at an all-inclusive luxury resort with group activities, with 80% networking and 20% classroom time?
In addition, this event would bring in speakers that don’t sell you more products but were instead there to pour into you, to move your business forward. They would teach you how to improve your systems, close more deals, and ultimately get you to where you want to go, faster.

So he built it!

Terry combined all of these things into one amazing event and it’s been one of the people’s favorite events to attend!

Here’s what you can expect…You’re going to be in a luxury all-inclusive resort. This way you don’t need to even think about anything, you can just focus on building relationships, finding the people that are going to help you move the needle, and more importantly having a great time while doing it. In fact, we will have one day entirely devoted to a group excursion. And you will have another free day to do what you like; lay by the pool, spend time with your new friends, network with speakers, it’s up to you!

Your trip will include everything (except flights)
Terry is bringing in some high-level speakers to deliver you a ton of value.

In most events, you see the speakers on stage and then… never again. The great thing about this event is that the speakers don’t just disappear behind the curtains when they’re done. Instead, they are hanging out with you pool-side for the ENTIRE WEEK! They are there, not only to provide value to you but also to gain even more knowledge themselves.
Oh… and did you know that because this is an educational event, it can be a full tax write-off?! That’s right! Not only do you get all of this, but your accountant can also help you apply this write off-to your business!

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